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Red. 42 revistas culturales del corpus de vanguardia y modernismo

Así es como se ve toda la red creada a partir de las 42 revistas culturales del corpus de vanguardia y modernismo de «Revistas culturales históricas en lengua española» | Portal de investigación | Social network analysis | Análisis de redes – Tübingen, Deutschland

Todos los datos serán publicados en septiembre en el repositorio

IStReS – Iberian Studies Reference Site

IStReS aims at offering different tools of reference to scholars working in the field of Iberian Studies:

  • A database that collects and systematizes a comprehensive, relational bibliography of publications produced in the last two decades in multiple languages —including every Iberian language— that deal with the polycentric relationships between the different cultures and literatures of the Peninsula throughout history;
  • A Who is who section, destined to highlight the most relevant scholars and their contribution to the field;
  • A News section that provides updated information related to the field of Iberian Studies such as conferences, symposia, calls for papers, recent publications, etc.
  • This project is partially funded by the Exploratory Project “Digital Map of Iberian Literary Relations” (1870-1930) [IF/00838/2014] of the Foundation for Science and Techonolgy [FCT], and by Boston College (Morrissey College of Arts & Sciences).


  • Santiago Pérez Isasi. «Iberian Studies: A state of the art and future perspectives». Looking at Iberia: A Comparative European Perspective, Oxford: Peter Lang, 2013, pp. 11-26.
  • Pérez Isasi parte de la consolidación de un campo específico de Estudios Ibéricos, desde un punto de vista polisistémico (Even-Zohar) y semiosférico (Lotman). Entre las referencias de base están Joan Ramon Resina (2009), el proyecto RELIPES (2007), Forum Iberian Studies Oxford, la Asociation for Contempotry Iberian Studies (ACIS), Maria Idalina Resina Rodrigues (1987), Maria Fernanda de Abreu (1994), los Diálogos Ibéricos e Iberoamericanos (2010), Reading Iberia (2007), Spain beyond Spain (2005), etc…