"Prof hosts ‘City of God’ seminar on Twitter, and you’re invited". Crux, 10 enero, 2017.
Chad C. Pecknold, a theology professor at the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C., who's starting a 15-week course on St. Augustine’s The City of God via Twitter, says reading the challenging tome isn't hard work but "better quality play."

There’s a reading schedule which gets us through a thousand pages in 15 weeks. It’s really ambitious, but it works, and it’s an achievement. That’s the main thing. The “seminar” part is partly for accountability, and partly to encourage greater understanding of what people are reading.
It’s a demanding read, and overwhelming at times, but having a chance to hear how others read and understand always helps. Every Thursday night from 8-10pm ET I’ll guide and moderate the discussion on Twitter using the hashtag #CivDei (which readers chose as an abbreviation for the Latin title, De Civitate Dei).