“Social” es el adjetivo que sirve de pretexto a todas las estafas. Nicolás Gómez Davila ‪#‎escolios‬

Al menos, no estaría mal ir cazando algunas weasel words (palabras comadreja) como las llamaba Hayek. Por ejemplo, "social", un adjetivo que vacía de significado cualquier palabra a la que se adhiere y la implica en un oxímoron. ¿Dónde queda la "justicia" cuando se habla de "justicia social"?:

"The noun 'society', misleading as it is, is relatively innocuous compared with the adjective 'social', which has probably become the most confusing expression in our entire moral and political vocabulary. [...]

As a weasel is alleged to be able to empty an egg without leaving a visible sign, so can these words deprive of content any term to which they are prefixed while seemingly leaving them untouched. A weasel word is used to draw the teeth from a concept one is obliged to employ, but from which one wishes to eliminate all implication that challenge one's ideological premises."

Friedrich von Hayek: The Fatal Conceit: The Errors of Socialism