Idea que surge del blog de Jen Ross (University of Edinburgh), pero que ha desarrollado fundamentalmente Amy Collier.

Collier es la autora de "Complexity, mess, and not-yetness: Teaching online with emerging technologies", to be published in the forthcoming second edition of Emerging Technologies in Distance Education.

So what does all of this mean for educators? Here are some ideas. Embracing not-yetness means making space for learning opportunities that:

promote creativity, play, exploration, awe

allow for more, not fewer, connections, more personalization (true personalization, not necessarily what has been offered to us by adaptive learning companies)

transcend bounds of time, space, location, course, and curriculum

encourage students to exceed our expectations, beyond our wildest outcomes, pushes back on “data science of learning” focus

do not hand over essential university functions and important complexities over to private industry


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