Blended learning

Cf. Ikea (Aprendizaje Ikea). Aplicación del Constructivismo mediante el uso de las llamadas nuevas tecnologías.

En el MOOC "Blended Learning Essentials: Getting Started", de la University of Leeds aparece sat pregunta:

1.4 How do you define blended learning?
Question 5
Is this an example of the teacher/trainer using a form of blended learning?

A learner sitting on a bus, browsing the web via a smartphone to get some help to better understand a concept just taught in class.


Diana Laurillard (Educator)

I would say no, I don’t think this is a good example really. The learner is using their own digital skills and personal motivation to make up for poor teaching.

If they were following up sites recommended by the teacher/trainer that would be ok. But the teacher is not using blended learning here – it’s entirely down to the learner’s own initiative.